Basic Photo Editing Techniques

Basic Photo Editing Techniques

Basic editing techniques can enhance your pictures to make them look even more powerful than before. Editing plays a key role in making or breaking a photo, so we are going to discuss some of these techniques in this writing.  

1. Adjust the contrast: Contrast basically refers to a range from dark to light. An image may appear too dark or light if we apply high contrast. On the other hand, if we take the contrast to the lower side, it might make the image look flatter and no image will be prominent. So, the contrast should be kept on the desired level of exposure.

2. Adjust the Sharpness: Image sharpening gives you a crisper image and it just sharpens the details in the picture making them more prominent than before. The ‘structure’ tool helps in making the edges of objects appear sharper. Image sharpening might be the most useful tool in the scenario where you want the image to be printed as it can give you the best sharp image with clear details.

3. Crop and clean image: Horizontal horizon is considered a good idea while clicking a photo. However, if you fail to achieve this then there is no need to worry because using modern editing software, image straightening can be done easily. Other than this, image cropping is one of the most important tools nowadays which helps you reposition your subjects and remove unwanted elements.  

4. Image resizing: Images can be resized easily nowadays using modern editing software. You can modify the pixel dimensions, resolution, and document size.  

5. Using the Healing Brush: Healing brush is a powerful feature that can help you remove your pimples or any kind of inconsistencies on the skin. It can even remove the distractions in your background and help give attention to details which is important.  

6. Enhance the image color: Playing with color sliders is not easy because a small change can completely change the outcome. Sometimes creating the desired outcome can be very difficult to achieve while using the color sliders. Sometimes minor changes might feel very dramatic. So, the point is that you can handle the color grading by determining the effect you want to achieve. The more you play with the colors the more you will create an understanding of what effect each color has on different types of images and eventually you will have a grip on color grading. The key is to pay attention to each color in the image and play with each slider until you achieve the outcomes you desire. Happy grading.

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