9 Easy and Exciting Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos

9 Easy and Exciting Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos

If you are enthusiastic about taking gorgeous outdoor photos and want to know great tips and tricks, we can help. So, read this blog to the very end to know every helpful and easy-to-practice tip that we brought to enhance your photography; let’s start. 

Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos:

1. Pack Smartly: Do not take everything to take photos. However, pack everything smartly according to the place you are going and the type of photos you are planning to take. Especially, keep your bag light if you are going to distant locations. 

Bring enough water and food, a light jacket or sun protectant depending on the weather. Pack lenses: if you are going to do landscapes or portrait photography, pick a 70mm lens, and if going to shoot in the streets, pick 50mm lenses. Do not forget about the polarizer, ND filter, and lens hood to reduce glare. 

2. Choose Correctly: For capturing, landscapes and skies, choose a wide-angle lens. For wildlife photography, choose a telephoto lens. If you want to capture a long exposure or in low light, opt for a tripod or monopod. 

3. Don’t Shoot in Midday: Shooting in midday creates harsh shadows and washed-out highlights in the image cause to loss of a lot of details of a photo. So, if you ever need to take photo midday, put the object in shadow or wait for a living thing to step in shadow to illuminate your capture. 

For gorgeous outdoor photos, the best time is early morning and late afternoon.

4. Shoot In RAW: RAW is an uncompressed file format that takes a lot of space in your memory cards. Still, it gives you versatility in post-processing, e.g., adjusting white balance and improving image quality. 

While the common method, shooting in JPEG, strips away your photo, and you will lose lots of crucial information, like color nuance and tonal range.

5. Try Low Shutter Speed: If you want to create long exposure and add a soft, aesthetic effect to your capture of rushing waterfalls, rippling fields, fast cars, drifting clouds, etc., try low shutter speed. Moreover, using an ND filter at that time will be perfect. 

6. Mind Where Your Horizon Is: Horizon in a photo grab anyone’s attention quickly, but you must pay attention to how it divides your composition. You can lower the horizon to add more sky or height it to add more foreground to your image. But if the horizon line is running through the middle of the image, it looks like your photo is cut in half. Avoid this if you want to capture gorgeous outdoor photos. Moreover, usually, this kind of photo has fewer exciting elements. 

7. Throw Things Away from The Center on Purpose: Use a composition technique called “rule of thirds.” In which, you imagine that photo is divided 3 by 3 grid, meaning there will be 3 rows and 3 columns, and every intersecting point will be your focal point. It allows you to take a broader and precise image when you capture a focal point. 

8. Must-Have A Focal Point:  All gorgeous outdoor photos have a focal point in the anchor composition that provides natural humans a particular place for the eyes to rest. A focal point is the capturing of an object, particularly at a certain point of the composition. For example, when shooting a landscape, look for objects, like a mountain, clouds, a tree, or a rock, focus on the focal point and compose your shot to emphasize it. 

9. Use A Reflector and Focus on Eyes: Using objects in your surrounding as a reflector works better when you take photos outside, i.e., white walls, white tables, white delivery trucks, white cars. Also, always, when taking a photo of a living thing, focus on eyes for immense detailed photo.

Hope you like these easily explained tips by our experts. If you want more tips on gorgeous outdoor photos on a particular topic, leave comments. We love hearing from you.

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