5 Technical Terms You Should Know as a Beginner Photographer

5 Technical Terms You Should Know as a Beginner Photographer

Some technical terms of photography might leave you itchy and confused, and have you reaching for the dictionary again and again. Photography seems like a difficult job unless you are familiar with the specifications of photography. Following are five important terms in photography that every beginner should know.

1. APERTURE: The opening in the lens is called the aperture. If the lens is considered as a window, the size of the window will decide the amount of light that will pass through it. So, a larger lens means more light and vice versa. More light coming through the lens, produces a brighter and clearer photo. It is measured in f-stops.

2. BOKEH: When lights are slightly or completely out of focus in a picture, some orbs are produced, called Bokeh. This is sometimes applied in the background of the photo to give it a neat effect. For this purpose, wide apertures are required. This technique is used to make photographs visually appealing.

3. EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: This is a way of communicating with your camera to set the required amount of lighting. Whether you want the photo to be light or dark, you must tell that to your camera and this task is done by exposure compensation. It is used in most automated modes and also in the semi-automated modes, for example, aperture priority. If the photo is bright then the measurement is taken in positive numbers and in case of a darker shot, negative numbers are used.

4. DIGITAL vs OPTICAL: When we say the word digital, we mean the software program and not the physical parts. So digital in photography means the software of the camera. Digital was given priority among the many types of cameras until a couple of years ago. Today, optical is considered better than the digital cameras.

5. BURST MODE: In the burst mode, the camera keeps on taking the photos as long as the button is pressed and kept down. In doing so, you would not have to press the button again and again to take multiple shots. So, with burst mode you can keep snapping photos for as long as you like. The burst mode might turn off automatically in case the buffer is full. The efficiency of burst mode depends on the type of camera you are using. Better the camera quality and software, the higher will be the speed of the burst mode.

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